First of all, welcome everyone! I am happy you have showed interest into earning extra money!

On this website i will share my experiences with different companies, based on MLM  , Crowd Funding and Crypto earnings.
I DO believe in creating a extra stream of income, and the reason i believe in it, is because i don't want to work untill i am old enough to retire, i will decide when it is time to quit my normal job....
Besides all these websites i talk about, i earn my money the hard way, i work an average of 50 - 60 hours a week, on the road, traffic lights, city lights, etcetera.
I like my job, but i also LOVE to enjoy life!

All the experiences i will post, are based on my own, invested with my own hard earned money, and will be websites that you can actually do by yourself, you don't have to build a team of frontliners if you don't want to, you can earn it without registering other people. I will use refferal links because i will be your "Sponsor" so i can help you if you have any questions about it.

Crowd Funding based on helping the third world countries, invest in Agriculture, Gold and Oil mining, housing (renovation),
microfinance and water & electricity extraction. Earn a commission up to 6% a week, in Euro's!
Vetonagroup Enterprises - More information here.

Put money (coins) in a ARBitraging bot, automatic or manually, and start earning commission daily! 0.6 to 0.8% daily!
And a possibility to lock it for a amount of days and get ETHereum bonus also daily! You can withdraw your money (coins) daily if you want!
Arbitraging - More information here.

Keep in mind, this is my experience, i am not a financial advisor and will never pretend to be one!