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his one is amazing! I bought 150 ARB coins in 2017 when they were talking about this project and needed funding, i read the Whitepaper and believed in it.
So i had bought 150 ARB coins for 120$ and heard nothing for months, but that is normal with a starting project.
So around August i started to get emails and also alot of activity on their Telegram group.
They told us that they had some issues along the way, but they promised us it will be alright.

I never lost confidence as i said before, i really like this idea, it is a complete transparent system wich we can check if we want!
Their ARB coin will not generate more than 10 million coins, that means that the value will only increase!
They provide a aBOT, wich is an Automatic bot, wich will provide you 15% to 25% interest a month! And no lock in period of your money is nescessary!
They provide a mBOT, wich is the Manual bot wich you can control yourself, you can focus more on a specific coin if you want for example.

I only went for the aBOT, and here is HOW:
In October 2018 i sent the ARB coins from MyEtherWallet to their website Wallet. The ARB was worth around 5$ back then, but i didn't start anything yet.
In the end of December, i got a notification that the ARB coin was worth around 20,61$.
So i inmediatly put 75 ARB coins in the aBOT for a 1546$ worth.
10 days later, in the beginning of January, the ARB was worth 23,02$ and i put the last 75 ARB coins in the aBOT for a 1726$ worth.

So i put a total of 3272$ worth or ARB in the aBOT. The first part the 23st of December and the last part the 5th of January.
Today (25th of January) i have 3790.61$ active in the aBOT. AND as a bonus, we get 20% Ethereum bonus over our general profit!
So as we speak i have 0.012324 ETH wich is worth like 1,5$ at the moment.
So that is a 518.61$ earned in 33 days, that is 15.85% profit on Automatic!

And like i said before, your money doesn't have a lock in period, so you can always stop the aBOT and withdraw your money!
There is a option to lock in your money for the Ethereum bonus if you want to, but even then you can stop it, you will just lose the Ethereum bonus, that's it.

My personal plan is to keep it in the aBOT, compounding for 7 more months, then it should be around 10.000$,
then stop the compounding, just withdraw the profit every month!
15% profit of 10.000$ means 1500$ every month, EXTRA ;-)

How do i start earning money?!
Register at ARBitrage here. You will need a ERC20 type of wallet, i would prefer MyEtherWallet or MetaMask.
Then buy some (minimum amount to start with is 250$) Ethereum from an exchange or iDeal website and send it to your MEW Wallet,
from there you can send it to the ARBitrage website wallet.
Then you can sell the ETH for ARB on their exchange, then send it to the ARB wallet, and at the ARB wallet, you can send it to the aBOT.
At the aBOT page you can click on Auto Reinvest, and then enjoy!

An important note, because you have to buy ETH from an exchange, send it to a wallet, to another wallet, to the internal Exchange, wallet and THEN the aBOT, please know,
that some Exchanges and Wallets ask for Administration FEE, so it could be possible that you start with 250$ at the first exchange and when you want to start the aBOT,
it will be down to 240$, that means the aBOT doesn't start! The minimum to start is 250$ in the aBOT!

Some information from their website:

Arbitraging: The revolutionary arbitrage trading platform.

A unique profit generating token with low max supply.

The ARBitraging team are arbitrage masters that firmly believe that generating too many tokens is not the right method to produce long term growth in its value.
We are aiming to eliminate growth problems by only releasing a total amount of 10 million ARB tokens.

What is arbitrage trading?
Buying a coin/token in one exchange at a low price and instantly selling it in another exchange for a higher price to immediatly lock in a profit!
The ARBitraging software will only buy a coin/token if it can sell it instantly for a profit. This means Your Trade Never Makes A Loss.

There is NO investment lock in period, so you can withdraw your funds whenever YOU decide!
ARBitrage gives you complete control! You can then keep your fund or optionally reinvest back into the Arbitraging trading BOT and continue receiving daily profits.

100% of the profits you are paid, are produced by the BOT software!
We do NOT have a MLM or Ponzi structure! This ensures ARBitraging will be a long term sustainable arbitrage trading platform.

Our mission.
Provide our investors with long term sustainable profits with our revolutianary Arbitrage trading platform.
We will give our investors complete control and ultimate transparency with our decentralised platform by ensuring all transactions are documented on the Blockchain!
We aim to change the future of crypto investment platforms by replacing all short term MLM / Ponzi schemes and provide investors with a safe, stable and transparant alternative.
Control your own money
Make your own profits
Be your own boss